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 Workshop - SID Pixel Fix
A step by step guide to fixing the missing pixel problem on SID units



A common complaint with the SID units is "missing pixels". Replacement units are very expensive, so here is one solution to repairing the unit yourself.

Thanks to Chris Ivory (Zaphod on for providing this guide. Please note - I take no responsibility for any damage you may do to your SID unit following this guide.


Fixing the missing pixel problem

This SID 2 unit showed early signs of failing. The SID was first removed from the dashboard. It was easier to remove the stereo head unit first, since this then offered a ledge from which to pull the SID unit forward. The SID unit itself is clipped into place rather than locked, unlike the head unit.


Undo the two screws securing the rear and front casings. One is shown below.


Remove this multi plug surround/ retaining piece from the rear casing by a gentle twist to free it from its slidings.


Depress these retaining lugs - there are another two on the bottom side - and withdraw the front shroud.


Slide the rear casing away . Note that there is a groove in this casing for one of the circuit boards.


Remove three bulbs, as indicated, to facilitate access to the display matrix, and the multi-wiring. The display is secured by two short screws, the location of one is shown here.


Here is an area that may cause the problem. The multi-wires are glued to the circuit board, and over time, the connection may become poor, resulting in pixel failure. Apply some penetrating contact cleaner, and leave for a little while. Wiping up excess fluid, then run a felt tip pen with a little pressure over the top.


Here you can see a strip of double sided sticky fixing foam, cut to shape, and in place. When the matrix is returned back in place, the foam will provided more pressure to the connection to ensure good contact.


Similarly, a second piece is cut, fitted and placed as indicated below.


Now rebuild the SID unit in reverse order. If the fix has been successful, the pixels will now all work.


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